Race or Ideology?

We went from Black Lives Matter protesters saying the All Lives Matter movement is racist to BLM loyalists protesting the self defense killing of 2 white men (and shooting of a 3rd).

I guess all lives matter, then?

Or do they only matter when they believe what you believe? Or maybe you have to rape children in order to matter (Joseph Rosenbaum) to these people?

Is BLM about race? The evidence is damning. Even I thought the whistleblowers screaming marxism were reaching when they exclaimed that the BLM movement was about abolishing police so the Federal government has more power. Turns out, it’s true. Social services are proposed in several cities to replace their police forces. Then who goes to the domestic violence calls? News flash – at some point the answer is the military.

Too many free people do what their told and believe what they hear.

The media has quite honestly the most devious role in all of this – ignoring pertinent facts that would de-escalate, presuming guilt and racistly labeling an innocent man all while pouring gasoline on an ignorant, angry fire. Kyle was defending his grandparents’ gas station from rioters. Kyle put out a fire that was intended to instigate an explosion at that gas station. Kyle was targeted and chased by a group of people that included violent felons. The rest is well documented history. Not guilty.

Black people think this is about them and not one black person was harmed by Kyle Rittenhouse.

The most dangerous thing to another black person is not a person wearing a badge and it’s definitely not Kyle Rittenhouse (he only shoots white people who are trying to kill him).

The most dangerous thing in this country to a black person is an abortion doctor or another black person.



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