Facebook Whistleblower

Leaks coming from Facebook are not new. So why did the media choose to cover the most recent? Frances Haugen exposed what most critical thinkers have already figured out. Facebook designed an algorithm that increases the chances of users becoming addicted to it’s platform. Drama and division breeds passion and passion leads to exercising your voice. Where do most people do that? Social media. It’s brilliant in a dark kind of way. Facebook doesn’t even have to instigate – the news media already does that. All they do is sit back and let the algorithm push controversy and watch both sides light their torches.

It’s almost meant to be for socialist leaning, big government kooks. Expose an extremely liberal mega-corporation for sowing division so they can legislate free speech. Frances Haugen isn’t exposing Facebook’s greed for your good (though she may think she is). She is organized, prepped and rehearsed to start the push to have the Government regulate speech in our country. An ultra-liberal with no regard for the 1st amendment whistleblowing a liberal corporation – it’s a set up.

Democrats in Congress

Another big topic in the news of recent is the Democratic infighting on the infrastructure bill. The bill is being held hostage by “the squad” (among other socialist leaning members of Congress) in order to push for a larger version of the already 1.2 trillion dollar bill. The media paints the crisis as a failure, even if temporary, for Pelosi and Biden. Manchin and Sinema are the two Democrat, public holdouts to a bloated, earmark heavy 3.5 trillion dollar bill proposed as a replacement for the previous or as a “second-act” to the infrastructure bill.

This is all nonsense – both bills are a huge loss to common sense and fiscally responsible government. Biden keeps saying the bill will cost nothing. Which to some isn’t surprising as old men with dementia says crazy things often. They plan to raise taxes on corporations and “wealthy” Americans to pay for the largest spending bills ever proposed in the United States Congress. It is however true – there are tiers of braindead in the democrat party. Republicans aren’t much better in matters related to the budget. Americans are sucked dry by a government with a major spending problem. The founding fathers are turning over in their graves. None of our founders ever advocated for large government or exuberant spending.

A realist understands the only path toward a legitimate future for the United States is a balanced budget. That is the reality for the average American family, but it’s scoffed at for the bloated, tyrannical US government. Democrats want to spend the dollars seized in their tax increases before they ever see a dime, and Republicans cut taxes for 3 years and lose office before enough traction is ever gained, all the while spending hundreds of billions on a military that is already stronger than the next 10 combined. What is unsustainable for the American family is unsustainable for the American government. The implosion is only a matter of time.

School Boards

The exercising of free speech has been celebrated in conservative media in recent weeks. Parents of all creeds and colors have banded together to fight Critical Race Theory being taught to their kids. These parents demand that all people be viewed as equal and that the sins of our past not be exaggerated and used as an excuse to show favor to any group. CRT is quite literally the denial of individual responsibility. Kids will not know what racism is if we stop teaching them to see color!

Parents also fought for the unmasking of their children during their in-person 8 hour school days. The science shows that kids under the age of 12 are at a higher risk of death to influenza than COVID-19, but liberal school boards have mandated masks in a large majority of schools across the nation. The psychological effects of mandating a child to wear a mask for 8 hours every weekday are hard to measure but apparent to many parents across the nation. Unrest over these issues has caused a major rift in the confidence parents have in the already failing American education system.

One might say, “Wow, this public discourse is what the founding fathers intended when they gave us the 1st amendment.” And to some level you would be correct. Except that big government will always capitalize on any opportunity it’s given to expose enemies of itself and it’s progression towards even larger government. These parents are on a list, now. They are under investigation by the Department of Justice for standing up peacefully and saying they won’t allow this nonsense to continue. Standing up for what you believe in and reminding branches of government that the 2nd amendment gives the people the power is an exercise of free speech, but government sees it as a threat of violence. You see, only government is allowed to carry a gun into a government facility. Only government is allowed to have automatic weapons. Only government can decide how large your magazines can be. You are not qualified. Only the legislators that think a magazine is a single-use clip or an AR-15 must fire different bullets than a .223 hunting rifle are allowed to interpret the Old English in the Bill of Rights. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Now you’re on a list for talking about it. Democrats are using your first amendment rights to segregate and vilify those of us that take what the Constitution says literally.

To summarize: Democrats will never put an ounce of energy into anything that won’t further their self-righteous cause. They are here to save you by taxing, spending, masking, needling, boostering, gun controlling, monitoring (your emails and bank accounts), tracing and regulating speech and thought. Nothing will change until a majority of Americans understand the truth – government is not our savior, government is the problem.

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