20 Years

It was a beautiful morning
America was delivered a warning

Flights were boarded
Last kisses were hoarded

A nation blessed so bright
It’s buildings shine in the light

Our lives changed at 8:46
Sadness and violence, a lethal mix

Flight 11 ended in fire
92 souls came to retire

America was struck on it’s soil
It’s first responders did toil

At 9:03 Flight 175 came into view
It’s fate, you already knew

65 perished on it’s final flight
The crew did not die without a fight

A horrible end for Flight 77
It struck the Pentagon at 9:37

A field in Shanksville was set ablaze
The flag of courage was raised

A heroic end for Flight 93
Same result, if you or me?

The loudspeaker words of a President
That surely touched every resident

The hearts of the weary were given a boon
“They will hear from all of us soon”

Turning from God was our biggest error
So it began, the War on Terror

2,996 souls met their Creator that day
Out of the darkness, will America find it’s way?

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