I implore those of you who are Christians considering the state of our country to keep your eyes on the true moral and spiritual problems that it faces.  I intend to speak on one of them today.

We can get so many things right and none of it will matter in the eyes of a God that watches his people support the abortion of His children. To those of you that support a woman’s “choice” to murder her child… The God you purport to believe in would scoff at your justification of ending millions of unborn lives. The God you purport to believe in would value the life of the baby over the temporary comfort or convenience of the mother. Even in specific scenarios such as rape, God would not find justice in the end of an innocent life. If you believe differently, you’re quite literally wrong.  

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:5, NIV)

A book written thousands of years prior to the first abortion mentions how we are all unique and God knows us before we are even born.  LIFE IS LIFE.  If you are a Christian, will you not take the words of your Savior for what they are?

In 2016, 623,471 unborn human beings were aborted legally in this country alone.  When abortion clinics were shut down during the start of the pandemic, more lives were spared than lost to the disease on a day to day basis.  These statistics suggest that the largest pandemic in our world is the disease of a thought – that the life growing inside a beautiful, scared, struggling woman isn’t really worth 9 months of adversity. 

To those that fear health issues due to carrying out a pregnancy – how devoid of logic is it to choose to kill an innocent life due to a fear of death?  Start seeing your child for what it is!  It’s face would look upon you with glee if not for the layers of tissue between it and you.

Before I am attacked for being a man with an opinion on “female reproductive health” decisions, consider this: I am speaking on behalf of the men and woman that can’t be heard.  I fight on behalf of the unborn.  I support support the unborn women that will be killed for the convenience of an easier life.    

I know someone who is adopted.  He has not had an easy life, but he loves his adoptive parents as his own and he understands the trial his birth mother went through when she decided to go through pain to give him LIFE.  He spent many years throwing away the life God and his mother gave him, but then decades later, he chose to change his life.  This man loves Jesus and spreads smiles everywhere he goes.  His mother could have so easily ended his chance at life, but instead she chose adoption and saved a life that has blessed so many!  

Who encourages the genocide of our future generations?  Who tells you that another individual’s life is really yours to end?  Who advocates for the right to end MILLIONS of lives before THEY get the chance to choose?  DO NOT SUPPORT THEM!

We allow the razing of city blocks for the mistake and sin of a few men against a black man and turn a blind eye to the tens of thousands of black babies killed yearly by the disease that has infected their mothers’ minds. In some counties in our country, more black babies are aborted than born.  WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE FOR THE UNBORN GEORGE FLOYD OR AHMAUD ARBERY that is the most innocent of us all??  I will support the first organization that fights on behalf of ALL black lives – in fact – they already exist.  It’s born again Christians that follow the instruction of the Bible.

America is becoming the Babylon of our time right before our eyes. And we are too afraid and too politically correct to do anything about it. You can hate the sin and love the sinner. You can speak truth and stomach the persecution. You can be the salt of the earth not fear the consequences.

If I am shunned or attacked for the things I have said, then so be it!  I will not stand by and watch God’s children, of all colors and creeds, be killed before they get their chance to make a choice!  

Please, God, give us the reckoning we deserve.  Intervene! 

It’s the only thing that will stop the senseless trajectory of all of us, fearfully justifying our silence instead of being LIGHT in the DARKNESS.  I accept my fate, and I’ll fight for those that cannot speak until I am gone from this earth, whenever that may be.

UPDATE: Social media found my first photo too offensive and blocked it on their sites, but it’s too important to leave off this blog, so here it is… an unborn baby grabbing a surgeon’s finger.  The mother could have been stitched back up and the baby legally killed by abortion.  Deny that life!

Hand of Hope
Doctors were performing a spina bifida corrective procedure on a pregnant woman 21 weeks from conception, when the unborn child unexpectedly reached from the womb and reacted to the touch of his surgeon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, in Nashville Tennessee, USA, August 19th, 1999. The experimental procedure was the 64th ever performed at Vanderbilt U.M.C.


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