Two timbers tied together,
The wood is stained forever,

How simple it may seem,
To picture red beam upon beam,

Streaks of crimson mark the grain,
Never washed by the rain,

A final breath atop the hill,
The ‘Place of the Skull’ had it’s fill,

The Prince of Darkness had his ways,
He kept the Lamb of Light busy 3 days,

The Savior’s mercy knows no bound,
And those who seek Him will be found,

He uses all to glorify His plan,
Even the imperfections and sins of man,

Darkness flees at the presence of light,
The blood of the Lamb gives the Lion His might,

The blood of the King has run for you,
It opens a gate only some walk through,

Blood, a replacement for our own,
A perfect gift, our only hope left to atone.





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