Emotional Change

Often times, emotion is the instigator to great change.  If you’ve ever been fed up with something, then you know what I mean.

Feelings are great, but they should always be scrutinized.  Why are you feeling this way?  Does it make sense with reality?  Important conversation about change should never be devoid of facts.  If the facts make you emotionally uncomfortable, maybe your emotions are based on something other than fact.  Biases and group narratives are the common beginnings of a misled emotional stance.  If you zoom in far enough on pretty much any social issue, you can make a compelling argument for injustice, problem is, you don’t get the whole picture. 

Real change should never happen for only one fragment of a society.  Real change should involve all pigments of epidermis.  If you truly want equality, we should talk not in colors but in deaths.  If you shut down someone who wants to quote statistics because you only want your narrative to be talked about, you’re never going to learn or grow your perspective.  You should never zoom so far in that you become upset by someone that is stating something you cannot prove to be untrue.

You’re not right just because you’re hurt or because something someone else says hurts you.  Have you ever heard the saying “sometimes the truth hurts”?  It’s true.  I am not a jerk because I speak the truth.  It is possible to have compassion and not fold to a narrative that isn’t based on reality.  The collective pain of a group doesn’t make their solution the only way to obtain justice.  Justice isn’t measured by emotion it’s measured by facts and the rule of law.

People should be allowed to grieve.  However, grief does not make your beliefs immune to scrutiny.  Maybe someone with just as much grief has an alternative point of view.

Why doesn’t the black retired police chief that was killed by looters have a large, popularly attended funeral?

Why is it wrong to honor any cops that were murdered?  Is there evidence that they were guilty of racism when they were killed?

Allow me to summarize something for you.

A movement that ignores 94% of the outcomes they claim to care about clearly has ulterior motives.




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