An example of flawed Biblical application


Sounds good, right?  I’m not arguing that black lives don’t matter… they quite obviously do.  But to imply that the 99 sheep aren’t in danger is ludicrous.

How are the 371 white people killed by police (compared to 236 black) in 2019 “not in danger”?

The Bible doesn’t imply that the 1 sheep is black, the Bible implies that all life is worth trying to save.

This graphic would make total sense if a much larger number of black people were killed by police than white people, but that’s simply not the case.

The logic doesn’t apply to statistical reality. More white lives have been taken by cops. There are more white people in this country, but a life is a life. The Bible clearly states that!

Stop spreading a narrative without KNOWING THE STATISTICS.  You’re taking the Bible out of context and twisting it to your own device.  Jesus would cherish every life lost, not just the black ones.  And white ones are dying just as often.

If your argument is based on percentages, then also acknowledge that about half of arrests for violent crime are are black and they only constitute 23.4% of police related death.

A well written punch line on a social media post doesn’t substitute fact.  People that base their opinion on feelings often never look at the actual reality.

Answer this –
If Jesus was here and he knew that more white people are killed by police than black people and you only gave him two choices, do you think he would wear a #blacklivesmatter t-shirt or do you think he would wear an #alllivesmatter t-shirt?

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