Lord, Protect Me

From those with opinions I didn’t ask for.
Show me how to love like You and still ignore.

From those who create turmoil between the lines.
And give me patience when I don’t see the signs.

From the pressure of expectations created by anyone but You.
I don’t want it easy, but I only want to do what You want me to.

From my mirror and the reflection I see.
Give me different sight, so I can see me for me.

From the lies about me I tell myself and start to believe.
Get my head on track with what my heart can conceive.

From the voice inside me that says I’m not good enough.
When you dig it up, the dirt is soft and the diamond is rough.

From an easy life and the laziness it brings.
Give me hope and energy for all of these things.

Lord, protect me from the doubts in my head.
I’m my own worst enemy, it has to be said.






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