A Tough Choice

Here you are, Democrats.  Your final two choices are clear.  A 78 year old self proclaimed socialist and a 77 year old lifelong politician that can’t finish a sentence.  

Bernie Sanders

Bernie’s agenda sounds like a 7 year old’s response when you ask them what they would do to make the world a better place.  “Free Healthcare” “Free College” “Free Childcare” Yeah, all of that sounds great, Buddy, but how will you pay for it?  Bernie and his supporters don’t know.  They haven’t thought about that.  He was on national news saying he doesn’t know how much it will cost. https://youtu.be/yhwAqSSE8pA?t=143

His supporters assume the top 1% will pay and it won’t affect them.  Little do they know but you could tax the 1% in the USA at 100% (they get nothing of what they earn) and it wouldn’t pay for Medicare as it stands today for 3 years.  That’s not even Medicare for All!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e50fQLyebI 

Much less the Green New Deal, free college, housing for all, free childcare for all and the list goes on.  So if the ultra-rich 1% can’t even fully pay for 1 of the many “free” Bernie promises, who will he tax next?  According to the Obama Administration, the top 1% have 40% of the nation’s wealth.  So if 40% of the nation’s wealth can’t pay for Medicare for All, how will the other 60% pay for everything else?  Can you live on 30% or less of your income?  People who vote for Bernie literally don’t understand simple math or they haven’t thought about it.   It’s a pipe dream, not reality.  There is not enough money to take from working Americans to pay for all of these social benefits.

Bernie is representing everything America has stood against for decades.  But free sounds good, doesn’t it?  But you can gold plate a turd and it’s still a turd.  Bernie’s ideas increase the demand for free stuff and decrease the demand for hard work.  Listen, I want free college and free healthcare and free childcare and an electric vehicle and I really wish cows didn’t fart (Green New Deal reference) but I live in reality and I understand that none of this is actually possible.

We don’t have to worry, though.  There aren’t enough Millennial voters that don’t understand budgeting and simple math to elect a communist to the Presidency.  He could run against Trump’s last bowel movement and he’d lose.  America will soundly reject socialism.  Once his supporters see how little they’d truly have under his policies and administration they’ll move on.  You can’t multiply wealth by dividing it.

Joe Biden

Whether it’s “Super Thursday” or trying to quote the Declaration of Independence, we know he is incapable of winning the presidency.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3G52Bjirho

He’s corrupt.  He has admitted to quid pro quo while in the office of Vice President.  https://youtu.be/Q0_AqpdwqK4?t=3123

He has said poor kids are just as bright as white kids.  https://youtu.be/O0UhvPuYS3A?t=34

I’ll leave this here…  https://youtu.be/L4ytSI4PFm4?t=89

His best debate performance was credited to him when he raised his voice and refused to yield when he ran out of time.

He has aligned himself with the gun seizing Beto O’Rourke.  He says two years of college should be free (an astronomical taxpayer price tag).  He wants to tax carbon emissions (USA is 16% of all emissions).  He wants a national firearm registry.  He wants to give citizenship to the illegal immigrants already in the USA.  He wants to raise capital gains and corporate taxes.  He wants to raise income taxes but hasn’t been specific about where the income cut off is (that might damage his chances!).  He wants companies to be held responsible for what their employees post on social media.  He doesn’t want to use tariffs to pressure countries (that’s the purpose of a tariff).

If Joe Biden gets his way the government will buy back a majority of your guns, make you register the remainder with the feds, illegals will become citizens, all major forms of taxes will go up, entities will be held responsible for what individuals say on their personal social media and he wants to tie one arm behind his back while negotiating trade deals with foreign governments.

He sounds brilliant, doesn’t he?  He just oozes competency.  If Joe does get elected, I imagine there will be more changes abroad than in the USA.  Like for instance Ukrainian prosecutors investigating his son’s employer might get fired and other things of that nature.




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