“Google, Define Circumstantial”

“Pointing indirectly toward someone’s guilt but not conclusively proving it.”

For weeks, Democrats built an impeachment case against President Trump.  First, it was quid pro quo, then bribery.  No one had the smoking gun, a tape recording or a transcript saying “this for that”.  The House Intelligence Committee interviewed any Trump hater in government still breathing and the closest they could get to evidence of their assertions was, “What do you think was the purpose of Trump withholding foreign aid to Ukraine?”  “I assume it was in exchange for investigations.”

And so the Democrats attempted to impeach a President based on circumstantial evidence and hearsay.  Good thing for them, Congress is filled with people with no regard for actual law.  A prosecutor would never have filed charges if it was in an actual American court.  Prosecutors need direct evidence to win a case.

This was an impeachment driven by hate, started by a man who had conspired with others in the deep state to impeach this President before any phone call was ever made to the new President of Ukraine.  Pelosi, the current Speaker of the House admitted weeks ago that they had been working on this impeachment for 2 and 1/2 years.  Eric Ciaramello, the alleged whistleblower, worked at the CIA as an analyst and was assigned to the National Security Counsel, was overheard by coworkers talking about how to impeach President Trump with another NSC member, Sean Misko.  In an American court, this circumstantial evidence would have held just as much weight as Colonel Vindman saying that he thought Trump intended a quid pro quo.

Mitt Romney is a victim.  His tears have told us so.  His Mormon faith (invented in 1831 by a man named Joseph Smith who “was told by God” and threatened by “an angel with a sword” to take multiple wives) demanded that he “do the right thing”.  And so the waffling, failed 2012 Presidential candidate from Massachusetts, who moved to Utah opportunistically at the retirement of former Senator Orrin Hatch to slide into his former Senate seat voted “Guilty” on the charge of Abuse of Power.  You see, President Trump abused power by asking the President of another country to look into the origins of a debunked attempt to remove him from office.  Finding that out could be damaging to Democrats!  President Trump abused his power by asking his Attorney General to coordinate with a foreign government in the investigation of a former Vice President admitting on video (<– watch the video if you don’t believe me!) to the literal definition of quid pro quo.  Exposing illegal activity could be damaging to a corrupt former Vice President!  You see crimes shouldn’t be investigated if they are committed by someone who might possibly, in the distant future, be your political opponent.  Nope, those crimes should go ignored.  Joe Biden literally did what Trump’s haters are “assuming” Trump did, and Biden is on video doing it.  Romney doesn’t hate Biden, though.  Biden never defined him so clearly as someone that choked away an election.  Romney lost to a guy that on national television during a Presidential debate said, “We have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.”  Romney is so easily bullied it’s laughable.  His only response is to get choked up and lash out against the person whose words hurt him.  The Senator from Utah is ineffective, weak and changes his mind on policy after policy.

You see, we should only investigate Trump, because his words are mean sometimes.  Nevermind actual video evidence of quid pro quo by a Democrat in public office!  Ignore that!  We should investigate Trump because there was no way he could have won the election fairly!  Russia must have helped him realize he should campaign in Wisconsin!  Or maybe they ran a Michigan Clinton campaign blockade?  Trump must have asked Google to erase Pennsylvania off the map so Clinton wouldn’t campaign there.  Collusion!  Did Clinton miscount delegates and think she didn’t need Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania?  A foreign government must have told Trump that the popular vote doesn’t win Presidential elections, the electoral college does!  Unfair!  That must be why he didn’t campaign in California!

The real reason we need to investigate Trump is because he’s effective.  His list of accomplishments vastly outweigh what anyone expected from three years in office.  He is much more effective than his modern day predecessors.  Record low unemployment numbers for minorities (lowest in 20 years for Veterans), lower taxes, First Step Act, new trade deals in China and North America, over 180 new federal judges, two of which are Supreme Court justices, over 7 million jobs created, 7 million people lifted off food stamps (and they aren’t starving, they’re eating!), Obamacare fines eliminated, a rebuilt military, no troops in Syria, much lower illegal immigration numbers (he has Mexico stopping the caravans!), record tax revenue, a record breaking stock market, an opioid task force, an embassy in Jerusalem, a record number of small business damaging government regulations eliminated, VA Choice and VA Accountability Acts, NATO allies are spending 69 billion more on defense since 2016, manufacturing jobs growing at fastest rate in 3 decades, and much more!

If we don’t impeach him, he might do more things we don’t agree with!

Losing is so frustrating!  Allow me to pre-tear this speech to ensure that I can tear it dramatically during the standing ovation.  That’ll teach him!

As Democratic Representative Al Green stated, “I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this President, he will get re-elected.” 


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