Look at my texts and there’s a thread missing
Head home and there’s no good night kissing

You’re lost in every mistake you’ve made
I’m lost paying a price that’ll never be paid

Be honest, how’s it all working out for you now?
If you’re “doing it on your own”, take a bow

And I still love you like a good man should
At this point I’d stop if I thought that I could

You’re just a tornado ripping things apart
My life, my dreams, my beating heart

It was all just collateral damage
So much destruction, hard to believe you could manage

So thanks for lending me something meant to be permanent
You signed up for eternity, then stopped paying rent

If I was really what was holding you back
Then what exactly have you gained that I lack?

You don’t get to choose how I still feel
You can be fake, but that doesn’t make me not real

Your last anniversary card was absolutely fitting
Forever” used to mean never quitting

Do me a favor and warn the next few
Forever is just a few years to you

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