Here’s the second blog in my series of people in my life worth writing about – hope you like it.

Lea Lancaster.  My co-worker and friend.

She’s the epitome of what it means to be genuine.  God made her with an inability to be fake.  She is passionate about her kids, her career and wine (I sometimes tease her about the latter).  Every problem she has ever had is because she cares so much.  She is such a great mom to her kids – they have no idea how good they really have it.  When she talks about her husband, Will, her eyes sparkle.  It sounds cheesy, but she really likes him – even on bad days, I can tell. 🙂

She is sweeter than anyone I know, but you better not mess with her family if you want to live (it makes sense if you know her).  I also kinda think at some point in her life she’ll need to be bailed out of jail (and the reason will epic).  She’s the kind of person you make memories with – every day is an adventure.

She never does anything to hurt anyone on purpose.  Sometimes, when people hurt her feelings, she gets angry.  But she always lets herself calm down before she makes things right.  She is self aware – she has made a point to be considerate of others at all times.  She knows when she’s having a bad day and she warns you.  She can’t help but smile at herself after she rants for a few minutes.

She’s professional, fun and loyal.  She’s an amazing Realtor.  She answers every call.  Puts out every fire.  Cares about every client, closes every deal.  She’s aware of how her clients are feeling, what they are thinking and what she can do to make the whole process go better for them.

She’s the kind of person that is always smiling.  Ready to laugh.  She sees the good in things.  Even when she’s upset, she finds a way to laugh at herself.

Everywhere she goes she makes better.  She lights up every room she’s in.

Happy Birthday, Lea (Forever 29, if  you’re wondering).  You’re the best co-worker I’ve ever had, a better friend than anyone could ask for and an exceptional human being.




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