Racism is alive and well in America.  From White Nationalist rallies in the Carolinas to race-baiters across the country, we’re at each other’s throats over the difference of the shade of brown in our epidermis.  We have enough racism without murderers in Dodge Challengers running over black people.  We have enough racism without Jussie Smollett making stuff up to try to start a race war.  We have enough racism without Facebook Live beatings of special needs white kids.

I understand when a black person tells me they despise the fact that in our country’s history, their ancestors were slaves.  I understand when a white person says they despise being judged for something they weren’t a part of.

But blaming someone you don’t know for something you’ve never seen them show is just as wrong.  Labeling a group of people by their status or appearance is wrong.  Judging a group by the color of their skin is racist.  It doesn’t matter what color the group is that you are judging.  

One automatically forms opinions of people they meet.  I form my opinion of people based on how they treat me.  On how they behave.  On what they stand for (or don’t).

We have a culture problem.  Sex feels good and if we can make it convenient, why not, right?  Nevermind the consequences of social sexuality.  Like single mothers and a generation plagued by kids with no father figure.  It all leads to the decay of the family unit.  What many are missing is a responsible father’s guiding hand and a mother focused on actively showing love to her kids instead of surviving because she’s raising them alone.

I personally wish we could all just be Americans.  There is enough evil in this world outside our borders.  We don’t need to be divided over race here at home.  We have the Governor of Virginia rallying for the option to abort a baby after it’s been born.  A state where 56% of aborted babies’ race is a minority.  We should all value life for what it is.  We should treat it here the same way NASA would treat it if they found it on Mars.  You do realize that if they found a single living cell on Mars, the headlines of every newspaper in the U.S. would read “Life on Mars”?  But if your baby doesn’t die during its partial-birth abortion in Illinois, they can legally set it on a shelf until it dies.

We’re more worried about the feelings of people in society with gender dysphoria.  Instead of getting people help, we pander to their delusion.  A charm offensive to the mentally ill doesn’t cure their illness.  It is more compassionate to help someone deal with their mental illness than to pretend it’s normal.  Tough love is always better than being sensitive to someone while they self destruct.

We live in a country where the media makes Vice President Mike Pence into a lunatic for not eating lunch alone with another woman (without his wife) and celebrates Gillette advertising that men constantly cat-call or belittle poor behavior towards women.

We live in a country where homosexuals were making videos of themselves shaking after the election saying they feared for their lives and their families while the current Administration is seeking civil rights for gays in countries where you are executed for being homosexual.

We live in a country where well behaved teenage kids are targeted by the media for standing their ground while some wore red hats while being approached by a communist native-american banging a drum and racially heckled by a group of “Black Israelites”.

If we as a country don’t start thinking for ourselves instead of letting the media do it for us, we’re gonna get exactly what they are falsely reporting.  Division.




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