He’s gonna hate this.  I’m starting a series of blogs.  People in my life that I admire.  Who better than my big brother, Chad Reinalda.  (The blog image is the only photo I have of him and it’s funny so I’m gonna go with it.)

Chad has always been a rule breaker.  He doesn’t live by the standards that society sets for us.  His are higher.  Police Officer, Contractor, Brother, Son, Dad – everything he does he is excellent at.  Excellence is in his blood.  He isn’t capable of settling for less.

This kind of drive is what gives a guy gray hair.  Nobody can keep up with Chad.  He goes, goes, goes.  But I think he’s learning to slow down and enjoy things.  3 daughters will do that to a guy.

I didn’t get to spend much time with him at home growing up, He was 9 when I was born so by the time I started retaining memories of my childhood, he was almost up and out of the coop.  But one of the first things I still remember is that he was a volunteer firefighter for the city of Oronoco.  That’s the kind of guy he’ll always be.  Trying to make things better.

I remember when I met his beautiful wife, Joanne, for the first time.  He’s a better judge of character than I am, she is something (watch out she might get one of these!).  They are a reflection of love and healthy compromise.  Their household leaks love out the windows and doors.  If you’ve ever met Naomi, Halle or Chloe you’d understand what I mean.  Three brilliant young ladies that behave the way women were intended to.  They treat everyone equally, they are genuine and they think outside the box.  Life in that house has to be entertaining.  It’s fun to see a family so blessed enjoy each other.  That brings me back to Chad.  He’s everything he’s supposed to be for them and more.  As much as the 4 women he lives with have changed him, he makes their lives better every day.  It makes me really happy to see that so clearly.

Chad is as straight of a shooter as you’ll ever meet.  He has a set of ideals and he sticks to them.  He’ll go down with that ship any day of the week.  He is passionate and cares about things that matter.  So much so that sometimes he’ll get into your space.  It’s funny to watch unless it’s YOUR space.  He wants to make a difference.  He’s more of a planner than a dreamer.

He’s been consistent his whole life.  In the past, for a time, he was consistently an asshole (we all are sometimes).  Now, he’s consistently the definition of what a good man looks like.  He works really hard.  He loves his wife and kids.  He helps everyone.  He’s not a band-aid kind of guy.  He cuts right to the chase of what’s going on and always has an answer.  He sees things in a different light than some.  Sometimes his way doesn’t jive with what you’re thinking, but I can honestly say that the intent is pure and the goal is always in the best interest of what’s happening.

To wrap this up, if you know Chad your life is better for it.  I’m so blessed he’s my brother.

Life is short, say what you feel.   If your truth is that you look up to somebody, share it. 

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