I’m not on social media because the world doesn’t need to see me.  I’m not blogging for attention.  It’s a release – and maybe someone will identify with something I say, some day.  Social media is like a contest that nobody ever wins.  It’s a place to present your unrealistic, fake self.  I’m not interested.  There is some good that can come from it, but ultimately it promotes popularity and discourse.  Two things that cheapen true, successful social interaction.

Maybe some people just like being lied to.  Some lie to themselves.  Maybe being genuine isn’t the wisest choice.  I know it’s not the easiest.  It doesn’t take long to understand most people have an agenda.  For some it’s selfishness, others money, power.  The list goes on.

I’ve spent my entire life being genuine.  It’s been embarrassing from time to time, but it’s also blessed me in many ways.  Ingenuity opens the door to fulfillment, embarrassment and hurt.  I believe the former is worth the risk.

With me, at least you know where I stand.  I cut straight through the bullshit and call it how I see it.  Maybe that’s what people will remember about me.

When you’re genuine, you hope with all that is in you that karma is real.  I spend my life caring about people and genuinely wanting to help people.  I’m not vindictive, but it would be nice to live in a world where there is an equal and opposite reaction to every action.  The thing about it is, you don’t always get to see the reaction.  I think sometimes it’s not getting hit by a car, it’s getting hit by the truth.  Both equally shocking (at least I hope).

A curse of ingenuity is that your interactions truly mean something to you.  It takes a lot of work and energy.  I think that’s why I’m anti-social – because I don’t want to have fake interactions with people.  Especially in close relationships, you mean what you say.  It leaves you with a feeling that you always end up caring more about the person than they do about you.  Your heart is in everything you do, so when they aren’t on your level with communication, you’re left with silence and yourself.

People find ways to justify their means.  They have to live with themselves and it’s easier to adjust your reality than it is to own up to the mistakes you have made, right?  Justifying poor behavior is the social cancer of today.  Genuine people make mistakes, but they don’t lie about them.  We fail, but we don’t give up.  When you’re genuine, you’re committed.

When you wear your heart on your sleeve it’s easy to get hurt.  Thing is, I’d rather spend my days being me and being genuine than hide behind a facade of my own creation.  I’d rather get stabbed in the back by someone I actually care about than never really care about anyone.

Genuine people want genuine experiences. Genuine people want depth and true commitment to a friendship/relationship.  We’re the type of people that are aware and can read people.  We pick up what you’re putting down, even if you’re not really thinking about it.

I want to be found.  I’ve been here for 30 years and I feel like no one really took the time to understand me.  I guess I just hope that one day someone genuine sees me for who I am and can’t get enough.  I’ll be here calling it how I see it until then.

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