i don’t know if i’ve

ever believed in myself

i’ve lost enough to realize

my faith is gathering dust on the shelf

i’ve gone so fast and realized

my tires are leaving the ground

i’ve been so close to death

i can hear the flatline sound

i’ve let some people take

all that they can take from me

i’ve given some parts of myself (i can’t get back)

away for absolutely free

you can’t see in the dark

but my eyes are adjusted to it

finger on the trigger

the pain says “just do it”

well I’m here to tell you

Jesus said the darkness can’t have me

He promises a purpose

And He set me free

He gives me hope for a future

and blesses my feet

He gives me tears for a reason

wherever I am, He will meet

so if you’re ever in the dumps

and don’t know what to do

reach out for Jesus

and He will carry you through

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