Growing up I never thought for a second

About what kept my feet upon the ground

But when you’re built for something

And it’s absent when you look around

That’s when you feel how heavy gravity can be

It’s conflict in the air keeping you here

It’s necessary for so many things in life

But it’s crushing me, I fear

Being broken is really hard to deal with

But it means I had something worth breaking for

I gave all of me to something and it failed

The fabric of my life just simply tore

It takes some people a lifetime to realize the difference

Between the vision of your heart and your mind

It’s like getting a glimpse of your future

And then realizing you’re blind

One day gravity will hold my body 6 feet under

But my spirit will no longer be there

I’ll be done with this weight around me

And I’ll meet my Savior in the air

2 thoughts on “Gravity

  1. That was very, very good. (It made me cry.) Life is a struggle but it is very short compared to eternity and I believe it won’t be long til we’ll meet the Lord in the air!


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