Baby Steps

The land of the free and the home of the brave. – Francis Scott Key

Pandemic. – W.H.O.
Its going to kill over 5 percent. – The Media
Its racist to say where it came from. – The Media
They didn’t hide it for a month. – The Media
Its racist to ban travel from China! – The Media
Stay at Home Order. – The Governor
“We support the state decisions.” – The Administration
“You didn’t act quick enough!” – The Left
“Its an opportunity to fundamentally change America.” – The Dem Congressman
Its just a state order.

Its just two weeks.
Its a department of corrections decision.
Its just a few convicts that were released early.
Its just a couple people he killed when he got out. – The Media
Its just the bars.
The liquor stores are essential.
Its just four weeks.
“When I made the order I wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights.” – The NJ Governor
Its 1200 bucks! Be grateful!
Its just a staged photo with an actor in scrubs and mask protesting a protest.

“I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States” – The 50 Governors

Its just the First Amendment to the Constitution.
Its just church.
Its for your safety.
Its just your right to peacefully assemble.
“We were told you had a play date for your child.” – The Sheriff Deputies
Its just six weeks.
Its just a salon owner in jail. – Texas
“He is not a Patriot.” – The Judge
Its not you so it’s fine.
Goodbye forever to some local businesses.
But only some of them.
Its just 8 weeks.
“It was heart failure.”
“It was Pneumonia.”
“It was natural causes.”
“Mark it as COVID for the federal funds.”
“If you say so.”
Its just an app.
Its just “large scale contact tracing”.
Only the conspiracy theorists call it surveillance.
Its just a mask.
Its a “false sense of security”. – W.H.O.
Its just a local order.
“It would be great if we had a statewide mandate so folks threatening to take their businesses elsewhere would have no choice!” – The Mayor

Goodbye Liberty.  I don’t remember what you looked like.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <– everything below this line is post writing of this blog.
Its just another state order.
Its just a fine if you don’t wear it.
Its just the Bill of Rights.
Freedom is selfish!
You only get to choose if we agree with your choice.
Its just a mail in ballot for every registered voter in California from 2 years ago.
The Government has saved us!
Its a vaccine!
Its only mandatory if you want to be in public.
Its just a side effect.
Its less death than the virus.
Its just a chip.
It doesn’t track, we promise.
Its for your health.
Its just a line for the food.
Its just a mental health check.
Its just your rifles.
I know they were legal but…
Its for the kids.
He was a domestic terrorist, he was yelling about freedom and they put him down.
The United States Post Office bought all the hollow-point ammo.
Its no big deal.
Its not that weird.
Its just freedom of speech.
Its illegal if you call “they” a “her”.
Its just speech rehabilitation, he’ll be back soon.
Its just your pistols.
Its just some questions.
“Just come with us.”

The land of the sheep and the home of the self righteous.

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