True friends aren’t perfect, they sure are loyal

When they have a problem with you, the pain is royal

But consistency is a gift not many will give you

And when things go down I know where to turn to

So I’m thankful for someone who knows I’m lost

And wants me around anyway, no matter the cost

I give not because I owe, but Lord knows I do

I give because I want only the best for you

I want success to follow you wherever you go

And no matter what there is something I want you to know

You’re already a guy that helps everyone around

But you’ve got more potential waiting to be found

He made you one of a kind, and after careful inspection –

Just apply yourself and you will guide souls HIS direction

With men like you, darkness doesn’t stand a chance

With God in you, it will tremble at your first glance

I remember our beginning and I’ll cherish our end

I’m just lucky to call someone like you, Friend.

JR 6/27/19

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