A dying man laying in a hospital bed regrets things

His fingers are so skinny they won’t hold his rings

He spent many Sunday mornings alone in a pew

And now he’s surrounded by only a loyal few

The past is bittersweet as it runs through his mind

He thinks of all the times he was mean instead of kind

He travelled the world and accumulated wealth

But all of that, in this moment, doesn’t change his health

He hears the ticking of the clock on the wall

And knows that time is the most valuable thing of all

He’s run out of it and he wishes things weren’t this way

He remembers giving himself to work, day after day

He lies awake and thinks of what really mattered

And all the promises he made that were shattered

All the potential he spent on acquiring more

When giving yourself to others is what life is for

He is lost and alone in this moment that means so much

He will drift away not knowing all the lives he could touch

A lesson learned too late, a price he has to pay

Time was the real currency, he wishes he had given his away


~JR 5/24/19

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