Social media and the internet have made so many people so much louder.  Cardi B is basically teaching young girls that if you just yell louder you win the argument, regardless of merit.  The Game calls Tomi Lahren a “microwaved carrot” and somehow that means he wins the debate about 21 Savage illegally staying in the US after his work visa expired.  On the internet, adults act like children.  If you don’t agree with someone, just comment with lots of exclamation points!!!!  No need to offer any proof or facts.  Just use a stereotype you’ve heard repeated over and over.  It’s kind of like a rap battle.  My insult was better than yours, I win!

Chris Evans (Actor famous for Captain America role) is in the news stating that he “might have to cut ties” with Quarterback Tom Brady because Brady and Trump have been friends for years.  This guy is famous because he pretends to be a superhero for a living.  I feel like I shouldn’t have to say more, but I will.  Chris has called Trump a “dumb s***” and been very political on social media.  Chris, a role model to many, is teaching those that look up to him to cut ties with anyone you disagree with politically.  Has Tom Brady done something to Chris Evans that would justify ending a friendship?  No.  Who here believes this is the mature thing to do?

In America we have the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Here there is no law stating you can’t be an asshole.  Unfortunately, if you scream at someone on social media because you disagree with their politics, you indeed are an asshole.  If you “cut ties” with a friend because of their politics, you might be more of a “dumb s***” than the idea or person you hate.

We live in an America where it’s not surprising that a peaceful conservative activist got punched in the face at UC Berkeley.  We live in an America where colleges (a place ideas are supposed to be welcome) are blocking conservative speakers.  GCU did it this year, click here to read.  We live in an America where Don Lemon (News Anchor, CNN) speaks out against the 2nd Amendment on live television, but doesn’t know the difference between an automatic weapon and a semi-automatic weapon.  Check that out here.

In America you’re free to believe what you want and say what you want.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you should.  Sharing what you believe is encouraged.  Encroaching someone else’s free speech uninvited to scold them because you disagree is not.

I believe in an America of civility.  Where we can voice our opinions and respect each other’s differences.  I believe in an America where friendships are determined by content of character, not political views.  I believe in an America where an opposing opinion can be heard, and not heckled.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’d rather see more actual babies on social media.

More infants, less crybabies.

John McCain

The Maverick is gone, but with news headlines across the nation mentioning a continued feud with President Trump, you’d think he was still the Senator from Arizona.

Let’s agree to remember John as the war hero he was.  Let’s try to forget that time President Trump diminished that during the campaign – “I like people who weren’t captured.”  A stupid comeback and a gaff that hasn’t hurt him as much as it should have.

But McCain capped his career in politics (something no one should be proud of) with a decisive vote against killing Obamacare’s individual mandate (which despite SCOTUS’ interpretation as a “tax”, is obviously an infringement on our freedoms).


He played poker on his phone while lawmakers were debating Syria strategies, then laughed it off on national news.  Everyday Americans understand that as something we would lose our jobs over.


Just a few short months after posing with Syrian rebels he had just helped broker an arms deal with, might I add.  A questionable alliance with people who had mutual interests with Al Qaeda (the group responsible for 9/11).


He was so blinded by his hate for Trump (like so many others) that he was the perfect mark for Democratic operatives to use as a patsy to push fake intel to the FBI.  It wouldn’t have been taken seriously if it came from a Democrat.


He voted against the Bush tax cuts.  He seemed to often side with the government taking and keeping more of your money.  He brought a conservative icon, Sarah Palin, to the limelight in order to procure the Evangelical base, then trashed her and blamed her for his Presidential Campaign loss in 2008.  He was a poor loser.  I think the loss had more to do with his disconnection from the reality of everyday Americans.  Everyday Americans know how many houses we own. Click here to hear him struggle to remember how many houses he owned.  Maybe that’s why he thought the government deserves to take and keep more of our money – because he was so wealthy it made no difference to him.

He championed legislation with Ted Kennedy (D – Massachusetts) which started the conversation about providing illegal immigrants with a path to citizenship.  Something that someone who breaks our immigration laws should never have.  Currently there are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants residing in the United States.  That’s literally like someone stealing a bike and then instead of punishing them, you just give them the bike.  11 million times.  And how do you explain it to the millions of people that worked hard and spent years saving up to buy the bike?  Rewarding illegal behavior is a dangerous precedent.  America is a nation of immigrants, that’s correct.  Legal ones.  The rest are not a part of our nation, they are by definition criminals that do not belong here.

John’s daughter, Meghan McCain has continued his feud with President Trump.  She recently said Trump was jealous of her father’s family.  Which makes very little sense since Trump has healthy, intelligent kids that are loyal and come to his defense often.  She has called him bizarre, low and pathetic.  I understand her need to defend a father that cannot defend himself, but with a track record like John McCain’s, she’s not doing herself any favors.

The Maverick will soon fade from the headlines once again.  He won’t be remembered for his service to our country and defiance as a POW.  He’ll be remembered as a little man, a lifelong politician that was out of touch with the citizens of his country, entitled to special treatment and so blinded by his disdain for our President that he harmed the Republic he claimed to love.  A waffling representative of his constituents.  Hardly a conservative.  History will not be gentle.  His service to our country should be celebrated, but the man himself, not so much.