Fake Forgive me for meaning “til death do us part” Forgive me for actually giving you my heart Why is it just ok that you broke every vow? You tell me, what am I supposed to do with myself now? Because when two become one that’s supposed to change things And now I’m alone in this world and have not one but two rings You … Continue reading Fake


Friend True friends aren’t perfect, they sure are loyal When they have a problem with you, the pain is royal But consistency is a gift not many will give you And when things go down I know where to turn to So I’m thankful for someone who knows I’m lost And wants me around anyway, no matter the cost I give not because I owe, … Continue reading Friend


A dying man laying in a hospital bed regrets things His fingers are so skinny they won’t hold his rings He spent many Sunday mornings alone in a pew And now he’s surrounded by only a loyal few The past is bittersweet as it runs through his mind He thinks of all the times he was mean instead of kind He travelled the world and … Continue reading Time