i don’t know if i’ve ever believed in myself i’ve lost enough to realize my faith is gathering dust on the shelf i’ve gone so fast and realized my tires are leaving the ground i’ve been so close to death i can hear the flatline sound i’ve let some people take all that they can take from me i’ve given some parts of myself (i … Continue reading Carried


Growing up I never thought for a second About what kept my feet upon the ground But when you’re built for something And it’s absent when you look around – That’s when you feel how heavy gravity can be It’s conflict in the air keeping you here It’s necessary for so many things in life But it’s crushing me, I fear – Being broken is … Continue reading Gravity


Two timbers tied together, The wood is stained forever, How simple it may seem, To picture red beam upon beam, Streaks of crimson mark the grain, Never washed by the rain, A final breath atop the hill, The ‘Place of the Skull’ had it’s fill, The Prince of Darkness had his ways, He kept the Lamb of Light busy 3 days, The Savior’s mercy knows … Continue reading Blood

Lord, Protect Me

From those with opinions I didn’t ask for. Show me how to love like You and still ignore. From those who create turmoil between the lines. And give me patience when I don’t see the signs. From the pressure of expectations created by anyone but You. I don’t want it easy, but I only want to do what You want me to. From my mirror … Continue reading Lord, Protect Me


“Sorrow”   Sorrow is an ocean In the silence waves hit   I see flashes of light But not enough to stay lit   Happy strikes like lightning But thunder follows soon   Clouds hide the light I cannot see the moon   The tide is high And it sweeps me under   I look up and see Lightning before the thunder   I am … Continue reading Sorrow

Selfish Prayer

Selfish Prayer I’d really like to be happy I can’t remember how that feels It was a lasting feeling My loneliness steals I admit it, I’m alone all the time It’s partly why it won’t change I’m more afraid of the wrong thing It’s all I know, is that strange? I wish I could do something I just feel so alone lately It takes all … Continue reading Selfish Prayer