A Witness With Wings – Part 2

In all of my existence, the last three “days” have been the most turbulent.  The darkness that covered the world has sustained.  I have seen God angry and I have seen Him sad.  God is consistent, but He is not emotionless.  He has just witnessed the people He created for His glory murder His Son.  But today, His demeanor changed, and He gave me a … Continue reading A Witness With Wings – Part 2

A Centurion’s Story – Part 1

Something about this bothers me.  I had governed over many crucifixions, but never had I seen a crowd overrule Pontius Pilate like this one did.  And for what reason?  Normally agents of Rome never yield to their subjects, especially Pilate.  I wish he had not given me this order.  Then he washed his hands of it.  I wish I could wash MY hands of this, … Continue reading A Centurion’s Story – Part 1