Facts > Feelings

For a split second, we all agreed on something.  George Floyd was needlessly killed. Then the media made it about race, and look at us now. Feelings are quite often misleading. Here are some indisputable facts: In 2016, black people were killed by white people 243 times, while white people were killed by black people 533 times. That’s over twice as many.  Black people make … Continue reading Facts > Feelings

Black Lives Matter

It’s true.  They do matter.  Of course they matter.  They matter just as much as any other human life. George Floyd should not have died.  He was killed by a Minneapolis police officer’s excessive use of force.  It’s awful.  The officer(s) should face prosecution for how they handled the whole situation and Mr. Floyd’s death.  There are other instances across the country where unarmed black … Continue reading Black Lives Matter